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Re: Question: how to submit support code for a new processor?

On Thu, 2012-08-16 at 10:57 -0400, Jeff Kenton wrote:
> 1. I had done my initial development from the elfutils-0.154 tarball, 
> not from a git tree.  From the tarball all I had to do was "configure" 
> and "make".  The git tree is missing a configure file and various 
>'s (and a few other things).  I can copy the missing files 
> into the tree and continue, but I'm sure that's not the best way.  
> What's the best way?

When working with a git checkout first run autoreconf -f -v -i to
generate the auto* files then configure using --enable-maintainer-mode

> 2. When building, the compiler complains about readelf.c -- it's missing 
> one line in the table "known[]" inside print_ops(), for the value of 
> DW_OP_GNU_parameter_ref, which is referenced in a case statement and a 
> printf() right before the "default" at about line 4420.  It's trivial to 
> add this as the last line in the known[] table.

Ah, that fallout of my dwarfstrings branch not having been completely
merged yet. Sorry. The idea is to get rid of these hard coded tables.
Hopefully today or tomorrow it gets all merged. But till that time just
adding it into the table manually should print things out correctly

> 3. elflint.c, at line 954, generates an error:
>      section [36] '.symtab': _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ symbol value 0x20c28 
> does not match .got.plt section address 0x20cb8
> for many of the *.so files it checks.  This is because the *.so 
> intentionally points to ".got" rather than ".got.plt".  Our gcc guy 
> doesn't believe this is an error.

I would have to look that up.



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