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Re: Build IDs for finding packages

On 01/28/2013 09:11 AM, Bruce Dawson wrote:
> I'm confused as to how the first install method below (the yum based
> one) is supposed to work. Is the translation from the .build-id path
> to a package name supposed to happen on my machine or on the
> repository?

The translation happens through the yum repo's filelists, which is an
extra set of metadata that gets fetched when you request any path-based
operation.  Thus it's unrelated to what you have installed.

> My Fedora machine doesn't have a /usr/lib/debug/.build-id
> directory yet (I haven't installed any debug packages on it) and when
> I tried the syntax below for's build ID it said no
> package available.

As Mark mentioned, it will only work for the packages actually in the
repos, and Fedora only keeps the most current update in the repos, not
anything formerly released.  He only included fedora-debuginfo, which
has the packages of the original release, but you probably should use
--enablerepo=updates-debuginfo too.

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