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Preparing for 0.155


It has been 2 months since 0.154 and there have been 30+ commits since
then, covering some new features and some important bug fixes. I think
it is time for a new 0.155 release. Fedora is already carrying several
backports and it would be good to get the fixes more widely adopted. So
I am hoping to do a 0.155 release end of this week/this weekend.

There are some patches being reviewed at the moment. Lets see if we can
integrate them by Friday. I am hoping the Tilera TILE-Gx, dwarfstrings
functions and the strip on MIPS patches can be still make it. But if
not, then we just do a new release in 2 months again. With the current
change rate it seems appropriate that we do releases early and often so
people know their contributions will be in a release soon.

I just updated the NEWS file to mention the changes since 0.154. It
currently reads:

Version 0.155

libelf: elf*_xlatetomd now works for cross-endian elf note data.
        elf_getshdr now works consistently on non-mmaped ELF files after
        calling elf_cntl(ELF_C_FDREAD).
        Implement support for ar archives with 64-bit symbol table.

libdw: dwarf.h corrected the DW_LANG_ObjC constant name (was DW_LANG_Objc).
       Any existing sources using the old name will have to be updated.
       Add DW_MACRO_GNU .debug_macro type encodings constants, DW_ATE_UTF
       and DW_OP_GNU_parameter_ref to dwarf.h.
       Support for DWZ multifile forms DW_FORM_GNU_ref_alt/strp_alt.

readelf: Add .debug_macro parsing support.
         Add .gdb_index version 7 parsing support.
         Recognize DW_OP_GNU_parameter_ref.

Please mention anything I might have forgotten or improvements to the



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