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Re: Libdw sample for reading function names and addresses

On Sat, 2014-11-08 at 22:00 -0500, buddhika chamith wrote:
> Not entirely sure if this is the correct forum. But any help is greatly
> appreciated. I have a requirement to read off function names and addresses
> from an ELF binary debug symbols. Is there any such piece of code that's
> already there that you have written? I had a look at some elfutils codes
> (e.g: nm.c) in the hope of adapting them to my requirement. But the libdw
> API is seems bit intimidating to me given that I have little knowledge on
> Dwarf format.

There is no such thing as "debug symbols". There are various DIEs (Debug
Information Entries) that can be associated with particular address
ranges though. You might want to read a bit about DWARF at

You might want to take a look at src/addr2line.c which has some code
(print_dwarf_function) to print out some information found in the DWARF
debuginfo associated with a particular address.



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