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Re: [PATCH] Do without union of variable length arrays.

On Mon, 2015-10-26 at 23:00 +0300, Alexander Cherepanov wrote:
> On 2015-10-07 18:23, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> >>> You can build and run elfutils
> >>> and the tests with configure --enable-sanitize-undefined to use ubsan
> >>> checking.
> >>
> >> Nice.
> >
> > I am using it together with the afl fuzzer for finding issues.
> > And it found some nasty ones.
> Glad to hear it. Are you keeping the found samples? It would be nice to 
> have them publicly available as a base for fuzzing other projects too.

No sorry. I probably should. What I usually do is either pick one of the
crashers from an old bug like
and strip any unneeded sections from the file (the afl tools don't seem
to be able to reduce these automatically, so you'll have to create a
minimal valid ELF file by hand). Or when I write a new testcase I build
everything with --enable-sanitize-undefined and run the test under afl
with a minimal testfile that is also used in the testsuite as input for
a couple of days.



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