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Re: [patch v7 3/5] x86* unwinder: libdwfl/

On Sun, 2013-10-27 at 15:29 +0100, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> Valgrind would always warn if the application did not set it.  Even if the
> appplication never used it.  It would warn on lines:
>   if (! process->callbacks->set_initial_registers (thread,
>                                                    thread->callbacks_arg))
>         process->callbacks->thread_detach (thread, thread->callbacks_arg);
> as CALLBACKS_ARG is passed there by value, not by reference.

BTW. If you configure --with-valgrind then make check runs all tests
under valgrind. (make distcheck does the same, but takes a very long
time since it runs the tests multiple times.)

I don't think valgrind memcheck would warn in the above case for passing
around "undefined values". It only warns when those undefined bits are
actually used in a condition or end up being passed as syscall arguments
it knows should have defined values.

> Sorry but you really should be on the second line of ChangeLog.  You wrote
> some parts of code and I already do not agree with various changes we made.
> I do not mind but all together it is not authored only by me.

Sure, you can use my name on the ChangeLog entries if you want and/or
add my Signed-off-by line on the commit. I do approve of the code and



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