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Re: MIPS Elfutils support?

Hi Luke,

On Sun, 2019-01-20 at 16:42 +0000, Luke Diamand wrote:
> I was hoping to use elfutils on some MIPS core files. So I was
> wondering what the status is?
> There is a patch in Debian (apparently originally from RedHat?) here:
> That's not in the mainline code though, and also lacks unwind support
> (?).
> I also have a small patch needed to pick up the shared library
> process map - instead of using DT_DEBUG, MIPS targets use
> DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP in core files.

The status of that port is somewhat unclear.
Although the files state they are copyrighted Red Hat, I believe that
is wrong. They might be derived from some other backend which was. But
I think the original authors have disappeared.

The other problem has been that we don't seem to have anybody with MIPS
experience/setups that can help test/integrate the port.

Also, in the past the port made changes to the generic libelf code that
caused bugs on other architectures:
Which made me somewhat suspicious about this backend.

Best would be to discuss with the Debian maintainer, Kurt Roeckx <>, how to move this forward/upstream.



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