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Re: [PATCH] Add replacement endian.h and byteswap.h to libgnu

* Ulf Hermann:

>>> Some systems don't provide endian.h and byteswap.h. The required
>>> functions are trivial to define using sys/param.h and gcc builtins,
>>> though.
>>> Also, include endian.h in dwelf_scn_gnu_compressed_size.c as that uses
>>> be64toh().
>> This is still an issue with non-glibc, non-BSD compilation.  The patch
>> is not ideal, as it depends on a GCC extension, but it's an
>> improvement for those who use GCC on a platform which does not provide
>> these functions as part of the C library.
> Well, there are a lot of other issues to be fixed if you want to build
> elfutils on anything non-gcc. We could add a further check for those
> builtins and sys/param.h and then add a somewhat less trivial version
> of endian.h and byteswap.h if they are missing. But that would likely
> involve other compiler extensions or OS-specific headers.

Ah, fair enough.  I mainly wanted to increase awareness of the patch
because it has not been merged yet.

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