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elfutils 0.170 released

ELFUTILS 0.170 -

A new release of elfutils is available at:

* NEWS *

libdw: Added new DWARF5 attribute, tag, character encoding, language
       code, calling convention, defaulted member function and macro
       constants to dwarf.h.
       New functions dwarf_default_lower_bound and dwarf_line_file.
       dwarf_peel_type now handles DWARF5 immutable, packed and shared
       tags. dwarf_getmacros now handles DWARF5 .debug_macro sections.

strip: Add -R, --remove-section=SECTION and --keep-section=SECTION.

backends: The bpf disassembler is now always build on all platforms.


Andreas Schwab (1):
  Support EM_PPC machine flags

Gustavo Romero (1):
  ppc64: Add HTM SPRs support to readelf

Mark Wielaard (19):
  ppc64: Add minimal fallback unwinder.
  strip: Make sure old .shstrab is removed when eu-strip recreates it.
  strip: Don't generate empty output file when nothing to do.
  strip: Add --keep-section=SECTION and --remove-section=SECTION.
  backends: Swap sys/ptrace.h and asm/ptrace.h include order on s390.
  backends: Don't depend on linux/bpf.h to compile bpf disassembler.
  strip: Deal with ARM data marker symbols pointing to debug sections.
  libdw: Add dwarf_line_file.
  libdw: Add DWARF5 attributes.
  libdw: Add new DWARF5 tag constants.
  libdw: Add new DWARF5 character encodings.
  libdw: DWARF5 Add new DW_LANG codes and default lower array bound.
  libdw: Add dwarf_default_lower_bound.
  libdw: DWARF5 Add DW_CC_pass_by_reference and DW_CC_pass_by_reference.
  Handle DWARF5 defaulted member function encodings.
  libdw: Handle DWARF5 immutable, packed and shared in dwarf_peel_type.
  libdw: Add DW_MACRO constants and DW_MACRO_GNU compatibility defines.
  backends: sparc GOTDATA_OP[_HIX22|LOX10] can be used in ET_REL files.
  Prepare for 0.170.

Ulf Hermann (2):
  Unify linking of libasm, libelf, libdw, backends
  Write to /dev/null rather than /dev/zero

Yunlian Jiang (1):
  libdwfl: Move nested functions in parse_opt to file scope.

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