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Re: [PATCH] strip: Add --keep-section=SECTION and --remove-section=SECTION.

On Fri, 2017-07-14 at 12:24 -0700, Josh Stone wrote:
> On 07/14/2017 08:28 AM, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> > Adds two new output options:
> > 
> >   --keep-section=SECTION Keep the named section.  SECTION is an extended
> >                          wildcard pattern.  May be given more than once.
> I tried this with rust libraries (eu-strip --keep-section=.rustc), and
> it seems to work as desired.  Thanks!

Thanks for testing.
Also make distcheck found a memory leak.

We used to only cleanup extra debug section data if there were symbol
table changes (then the original file would get the small/stripped
symbol table, but the debug file would get the full one). But now
another reason might be that we explicitly keep a section in the
original file, but it is also needed by another section that is moved
into the .debug file. For example we keep a string table that is also
needed by a removed symbol table.

So just always cleanup, not just when there were any symbol table

diff --git a/src/strip.c b/src/strip.c
index 3aad92e..4a35ea1 100644
--- a/src/strip.c
+++ b/src/strip.c
@@ -2267,14 +2267,14 @@ while computing checksum for debug information"));
   if (shdr_info != NULL)
       /* For some sections we might have created an table to map symbol
-        table indices.  */
-      if (any_symtab_changes)
-       for (cnt = 1; cnt <= shdridx; ++cnt)
-         {
-           free (shdr_info[cnt].newsymidx);
-           if (shdr_info[cnt].debug_data != NULL)
-             free (shdr_info[cnt].debug_data->d_buf);
-         }
+        table indices.  Or we might kept (original) data around to put
+        into the .debug file.  */
+      for (cnt = 1; cnt <= shdridx; ++cnt)
+       {
+         free (shdr_info[cnt].newsymidx);
+         if (shdr_info[cnt].debug_data != NULL)
+           free (shdr_info[cnt].debug_data->d_buf);
+       }
       /* Free data we allocated for the .gnu_debuglink section. */
       free (debuglink_buf);

Added to the patch and pushed to master.



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