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Re: Compilation Unit name

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I had that before, and it didn't work, then I empirically changed to next_cu_off because it contained the same offset I was supposed to get when I compared to the libdwarf execution. 
We already discarded the option of using dwarf_offdie_types since previously, with libdwarf, it was passed true to:

dwarf_next_cu_header_c(dbg, Dwarf_Bool(true),
                                  &cu_die_off, NULL) == DW_DLV_OK )

and to:

int status = dwarf_siblingof_b(dbg, NULL, Dwarf_Bool(true), &cu_die, NULL);

De: Josh Stone <>
Enviado: quinta-feira, 16 de março de 2017 17:06
Assunto: Re: Compilation Unit name
On 03/16/2017 03:03 PM, SASHA NICOLAS DA ROCHA PINHEIRO wrote:
>     /* Iterate over the compilation-unit headers. */
>     size_t cu_header_size;
>     for(Dwarf_Off cu_off = 0, next_cu_off;
>         dwarf_nextcu(dbg, cu_off, &next_cu_off, &cu_header_size,
>             NULL, NULL, NULL) == 0;
>         cu_off = next_cu_off)
>     {
>         cerr << "Error message:" << dwarf_errmsg(-1) << endl;
>         Dwarf_Die cu_die, *cu_die_p;
>         cu_die_p = dwarf_offdie(dbg, next_cu_off /*cu_die_off*/, &cu_die);

I don't understand why you're using next_cu_off here.

The die offset is cu_off + cu_header_size.

Also, when you get around to it, note there's a different
dwarf_offdie_types when you're parsing .debug_types.


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