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elfutils 0.168 released

A new release of elfutils is available now at:

* NEWS * is now hosted at

libelf: gelf_newehdr and gelf_newehdr now return void *.

libdw: dwarf.h corrected the DW_LANG_PLI constant name (was DW_LANG_PL1).

readelf: Add optional --symbols[=SECTION] argument to select section name.


Akihiko Odaki (3):
  lib: Provide MAX and MIN in system.h
  Do not depend on some non-POSIX features.
  libelf: gelf_newehdr and gelf_newehdr should return void *.

Kevin Cernekee (2):
  unstrip: Don't try to use unstripped .symtab with stripped .strtab
  tests: unstrip: Add test for mismatched .strtab sections

Mark Wielaard (12):
  tests: Fix --enable-gcov tests build. Add libdw to LDADD for asm_tsts.
  libcpu: Fix build of bpf_disasm.c for kernels < 3.20.
  strip: Don't remove real symbols from allocated symbol tables.
  Add GCC7 -Wimplicit-fallthrough support/fixes.
  libdw: Correct spelling of DW_LANG_PLI in dwarf.h.
  libelf: Always set ELF maxsize when reading an ELF file for sanity
  libelf: Sanity check offset and size before trying to malloc and read
  ar: Fix GCC7 -Wformat-length issues.
  readelf: Add optional --symbols[=SECTION] argument to select section
  Only workaround fts.h if we have a bad version that doesn't handle LFS. is now hosted at
  Prepare for elfutils 0.168 release.

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