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Re: mksetupini could not find pkg_resources

On 28/03/2017 14:57, Ivan Gagis wrote:
On 03/28/2017 04:10 PM, Jon Turney wrote:
On 27/03/2017 21:03, Ivan Gagis wrote:

Does 'python3 -v /usr/bin/mksetupini' tell you anything?
It tells a lot and among that there is this "pkg_resources not found"
message. See full output in attached log.out file.

Does anybody have other ideas of what could be wrong?
What can I try to analyze the problem?

cygcheck.out as per [1] might shed some light.
See cygcheck.out in attachment.

Immediately I notice:

python3                                 3.4.5-1                OK
python3-appdirs                         1.4.3-1                OK
python3-packaging                       16.8-1                 OK
python3-pyparsing                       2.1.10-1               OK
python3-setuptools                      34.3.2-1               OK
python3-six                             1.10.0-1               OK

Somehow you have python3 3.4, but python3-setuptools for 3.6.

The output of 'python3 -v'

I'm building my stuff on Appveyor, so it uses a clean cygwin64
installation every time, at least I hope it is clean, but no guarantee
that it is very recent cygwin there. Just in case, you can see the
faulty log here:

I think you need to add the -g flag to the setup invocation you are using, to allow it also upgrade any installed packages which need it.

(If setup understood about versioned dependencies, it wouldn't leave you in this mess, but "someone has to do it"...)

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