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mingw only xserver


I've managed to compile the latest XWin sources with mingw. 
This creates a binary which does not depend and cygwin and is
therefore lacking some features but can be used without installing

Note: This is a preview. Don't expect to much from it and don't 
expect support. If you've found another feature which is missing
then let me know. 



bzip2 -d Xming.exe.bz2
Xming -fp tcp/fontserver:7100 -ac -co rgb
(You'll need a font server running on unix)
(copy the file /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb from any X11 distribution)

Missing features: 

- Multiwindow mode [0]
- mwExtWM mode [0]
- Clipboard [0]
- local font support [1]
- XKB support [1]
- XDMCP support [2]
- Unix sockets [3]
- Many extension are disabled (GLX, BigFont, SHM ...) [4]

[0] These features will stay missing for a long time since this
    requires threading and a working libX11
[1] The local file support is broken and I've not put much effort into
    fixing it
[2] DNS resolving seems to be missing or is broken
[3] Windows does not have unix style sockets
[4] I'll add them step by step

Working features:

- TCP connections
- fontserver support
- windows, nodecoration, rootless and fullscreen modes

--           ICQ: 126018723

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