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Re: [PATCH 1/1] Add multilib build support for libc target. Libc is build <multilib>-times in seperate sysroot directories. In a last step links are created to reflect the expected multilib structure.

Konrad, All,

On Monday 26 December 2011 20:04:19 konrad.gaisler wrote:
> On 12/26/2011 05:56 PM, Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> > That is something we'll have to check later: is it possible to have more
> > than one multilib running on the target? I believe that would need some
> > non-trivial hackery to work properly...
> No, not multiple multilibs, but one of the multilibs subdirs. For example
> for the leon-sparc toolchain, the toolchain would have 4 subdirs: ./ 
> msoft-float/
> mv8 and mv8/msoft-float.
> on hardware without fpu but mv8 you would  only copy and use the
> mv8/msoft-float multilib-subdir  at /usr/lib, the others will not be used.

So, it is not possible to have (hypthetical setup for ARM with neon):

 - the basic system (eg. /bin/busybox ;-)) using the default multilib
   from "sysroot/lib" and "sysroot/usr/lib" (resp as "/lib" and "/usr/lib"
   at runtime)

 - some 'optimised' components (eg. mp3 player) using the float-optimised
   multilib from "sysroot/neon/lib" and "sysroot/usr/lib/neon" (resp as
   "/lib/neon" and "/usr/lib/neon" at runtime)

That would require that:
 - the linker 'ld' sets the proper path to the dynamic linker, at _built-time_
 - the dynamic linker looks in the proper search-path

Sounds like it's not too easy... :-/

But I agree with you, the most common setup would probably be to use only
one variant on the target, either everything from the defaults /lib and
/usr/lib, or everything from a sub-dir (eg. /lib/neon and usr/lib/neon)
and not a mix... Let's make that work first! ;-)

Thanks again!

Yann E. MORIN.

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