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Re: Toolchaim for powerpc e500v2 with glibc

Am 14.12.2011 um 10:42 schrieb Raviv:

> Hello Titus,
> I aplogize for contacting you directly and not through the mailing list.
> I saw an old post of yours : where you describe how to create a toolchain for e500v2 with SPE support and glibc, i followed your instructions, but still having trouble to create a good error free configuration. I will appreciate if you can send me a sample of the working configuration so that i can build the tools.
> Thank you in advance,

why not cc the mailing list?

I gave up on glibc. I can't remember if I even got a configuration that built ok.
The workarounds were too weird.
eglibc builds of of the box, and I did not recognize drawbacks.

Just now I have built a tool chain for eglibc 2_13.

Attached is a config sample.
I configured a custom kernel to have one kernel for all toolchains I built.
That should not be necessary.


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