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Re: 1) EABI version 0 (apcs-gnu) 2) uClibc Library problems

Nick, All,

On Sunday 06 June 2010 13:50:14 Friday Nick wrote:
> 1) How is it possible to configure toolchain to generate
> apcs-compatible binaries instead of default aapcs (EABI version 4)?
> (is it possible at all?). The problem is that i have to link my
> application with an existing library, which was compiled as EABI
> version 0, and firmwared on the device. I've run through google, but
> all i found was "ask a vendor of a newly EABI version 4 (AAPCS)
> library".

All I'll answer is: "ask your vendor for an EABI v4 library". Or better
yet, ask for the _sources_.

> 2) In ct_ng menuconfig, in a "C library" section list there are only
> options "newlib" and "none". How can i add "uClibc" entry there? Or it
> can be done only through direct editing of config files?

"newlib" and "none" are for baremetal. uClibc is for linux.

Selection of the kerenl is in 'Operating System' sub-menu. Then, uClibc
(and glibc and eglibc) will be available as a C library.

Yann E. MORIN.

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