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Re: Crosstool hg default 'Unhandled host OS GNU/Linux' errors after unsuccessful build

On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 4:37 PM, Yann E. MORIN
<> wrote:
> Chris, All,
> On Monday 14 June 2010 22:25:54 Chris Morgan wrote:
>> As a part of testing changes to try to fix the libstdc++ issue I
>> pulled the default branch with hg an configured an arm baremetal c++
>> toolchain. I believe I have the latest version, I issued hg pull and
>> hg update today before testing and there are no local changes.
>> During the build mpc failed to install:
>> [INFO ] ?=================================================================
>> [INFO ] ?Installing CLooG/ppl
>> [INFO ] ?Installing CLooG/ppl: done in 8.23s (at 11:15)
>> [INFO ] ?=================================================================
>> [INFO ] ?Installing MPC
>> [ERROR] ? ?/home/cmorgan/crosstool-ng/targets/src/mpc-0.8.1/src/acos.c:192:
>> error: 'GMP_RNDA' undeclared (first use in this function)
> You are using the latest 3.0.0 MPFR. MPC does not (yet) build with
> mpfr-3, and I lack time to apply a proper patch. Revert back to using:
> ?- gmp-4.3.2
> ?- mpfr-2.4.2
> until this is resolved...
>> And even more oddly when I attempt to re-run ct-ng:
>> cmorgan@cmorgan-laptop:~/crosstool-ng$ ./ct-ng build
>> [INFO ] ?Performing some trivial sanity checks
>> [INFO ] ?Build started 20100614.162359
>> [INFO ] ?Building environment variables
>> [ERROR] ?Unhandled host OS GNU/Linux
>> [00:00] / make: *** [build] Error 1
>> cmorgan@cmorgan-laptop:~/crosstool-ng$
> Oh, that's odd... :-( No clue, fisrt time ever I see that... :-(

Hmm. Its probably my fault, after hg pull and hg update I didn't run
'make' again so its likely that two scripts were out-of-sync. Doh.

No more odd unhandled os error after running 'make'


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