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[CTNG] canadian x86_64 / ia32 / arm

Hi all,

So I'm back to looking again at building a canadian toolchain with:
BUILD    == x86_64
HOST     == ia32
TARGET == arm

I got some help from Yann and the list, and I managed to build, though
not run it, but see below.

First of all, in order to build I had to work around what seems to be
a libstdc++ bug.

That bug is [Bug libstdc++/40974]
The mail thread discussing it for cross-toolchains start there:
and proposes a workaround there:

So I applied the proposed workaround and added the following to my config file:

With that flag I could build the final toolchain. I have configured
CTNG for gcc-4.5.0, the bug was reported against 4.4.1, doesn't seem
to have been fixed..
I am no C++ expert, so I don't have the slightest clue what that flag
could do ...

I then tried the resulting toolchain on a 32bits machine and it failed
to load as the libstdc++ on that machine was
whereas the toolchain was built against /usr/lib/

The question I have is, the tools are dynamically linked against only
a few libraries:
ldd arm-sbasa45-linux-gnueabi-gcc-4.5.0 => /usr/lib32/ (0xf76ab000) => /lib32/ (0xf7550000) => /lib32/ (0xf7529000)
        /lib/ (0xf77cf000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf750c000)

How could I statically link against libstdc++, libm, libgcc_s ?

I guess that dynamic linking against glibc should be ok.

I really do need the static linking in order to run inside of
scratchbox, which is using fairly old libraries.

As for the earlier comment from Yann that, as I have the ia32-libs
installed on my sytem, configure, for glibc and binutils, might get
confused. I suppose I should I should recompile with older versions of
the libraries and compiler, but older gcc have way less dependency on
C++. Any guidance on a useful test I could produce ?

For the time being, Virtualbox will help me produce a 32bits toolchain.

Thanks all,


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