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Re: Using crosstool-ng 1.7.0, unable to find -lstdc++when compiling c++

Chris, All,

On Wednesday 09 June 2010 02:18:00 Chris Morgan wrote:
> I think I've made some progress. It looks like the arguments passed to
> the makefile in build-cc-core-baremetal are missing a target that
> would have built libstdc++.a.
> If I run 'make' with no arguments in build-cc-core-baremetal I see
> several libraries built, including libstdc++. A 'find -name *.a' finds
> libstdc++.a after the make.

Yes, I just tested it, and it builds a libstdc++.a. That's positive! :-)

> What I can't tell is where in scripts/, it looks like right at
> line 216 or 219, and what target it missing. I looked in the Makefile
> but I can't figure out which target to use. Maybe something changed in
> the later releases of gcc that moved the libstdc++ target outside of
> the ones specified in

I'm looking into this right now... It seems it fits on lines 236+. But it's
worse than it, because libstdc++ requires headers that are isntalled by the
C library. This means it will probably require using cc_core_pass_2... :-(

Yann E. MORIN.

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