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Re: Using crosstool-ng 1.7.0, unable to find -lstdc++when compiling c++

On Tuesday, June 8, 2010, Yann E. MORIN <> wrote:
> Chris, All,
> [Chris, please keep the list CCed next time]


> On Tuesday 08 June 2010 22:18:12 Chris Morgan wrote:
>> I picked bare metal because I'm trying to build a gnu toolchain to
>> replace IARs arm toolchain.
> IARs == ?

IAR makes several kinds of embedded compilers but I wanted to try to
build without their toolchain.

>> We are using Seggers embOS on the board right now so
>> picking a linux target didn't seem to make sense.
> OK, so you do have a reason for bare-metal, then. Better check the obvious
> first... :-)
>> Does picking bare mean that c++ isn't possible using the gcc included
>> stdc++?
> Looks like it, indeed. As a wild guess, I'd say that libstd++ has a
> 'dependency' upon the hosting system, and when you do target bare-metal,
> you have to provide low-level functions that are required by libstdc++.
> Apart that, I don't know. I don't use bare-metal much these days, and
> I never ever used C++ on bare-metal...

Hmm. I was also planning on building a mico32 toolchain at some point
but I would also need c++ support there as well on a bare metal

I looked through the build log but don't see any warnings about c++ or
stdc++ in gcc's configure or build output..

I'm not sure when during the gcc build stdc++ is built. I can try a
Linux x86 build to see.


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