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Re: [PATCH v4] MIPS support for GNU hash

On 23.07.2019. 23:34, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
On 7/22/19 10:11 AM, Nick Clifton wrote:
Hi Mihailo,

I would like to inquire about the state of the RT-RK copyright
assignment for binutils, which is what is currently blocking
this patch. Is there anything else to be done on our side?

Sorry, but at this point all you can is wait.  The FSF will process
the assignment, but sometimes it does take a little while.

If we're blocked on the binutils pieces is there any benefit in getting
the glibc pieces in place for 2.30 (August 1st release)?

Would it allow glibc to be able to immediately consume the new GNU hash
Yes, It would be beneficial to have glibc support ready before next binutils release. At least for us, it will allow for shipping of this feature in the next release of vendor tool-chain.

Are these patches at the point (version 4) where we think they are pretty
much done and acceptable. I'd hate to commit something to 2.30 that is
then broken with whatever final form is committed to binutils.

 I believe so, but it is for Nick Clifton to confirm that.
 Actual ABI hasn't changed since v2 and both submissions are kept in sync.

Best regards,


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