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Bimetal Clad-Metal of Copper Aluminium CrAl Sheets



COPPER ALUMINIUM CLADED BIMETAL METAL: (grade 80:20 or 85:15) From ready stock, we supply Aluminium copper claded bi–metal  (AlCu) consists of copper (sheet
metal) cladded on pure Aluminium (base metal), both metals being diffused together to form an inseparable whole by roll bonding process. 
This is not an alloy and copper layers are not Electro plating / galvanic coatings but are rather mechanically welded on Aluminium with Copper
Aluminium Terminals are directly connected to Copper Terminals to carry current at a high voltage, a bimetallic galvanic corrosion occurs, resulting in a high resistance at the joint. The heated joints are oxidized and losses
contact resulting in sparks, voltage dropout power losses and failure, damage to machinery.
When this is placed between Aluminium Terminal and Copper Terminal at
the joint (with Copper facing Copper and Aluminium facing Aluminium), bimetallic galvanic corrosion is averted due to absence of air. It is thus used at dissimilar metals joints of Aluminium and Copper to make similar metal's contact. This has been successfully evaluated and used by many of the world's leading electrical equipment manufacturers.
Applications include the following:

Transformer Bushings
Busbar chambers
Cable clamp
Circuit breakers
On overhead
Switch blades
Switch plant
Terminal strips
Motor control centers
Cable end connectors
Overhead connectors
Apparatus construction
Cable thimbles in copper
Current bars & similar
Bimetallic clamp & connectors
Distribution and panel boards
Overhead busbar trunking systems
As packing & washers bet aluminium & copper bars
Sleeve shape insert in terminals in copper & aluminium
Substation accessories like bimetallic clamp and connectors
Terminals of copper
connecting conductors with aluminium conductors

We hope to receive your enquiries soon.

With Regards,
Ms Pooja Ghate,
Ms Pragati Sanap, +91.8928403611,
DALI ELECTRONICS, Mumbai, Mh., India.

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