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Re: [PATCH 1/3] ld: Add additional checking for warnings/errors in testsuite

* Nick Clifton <> [2017-02-14 12:32:13 +0000]:

> Hi Andrew,
> > The small number of tests that make use of the warning parameter have
> > been updated to the new mechanism.  Later commits will make use of the
> > new features added in this commit.
> How did you test this change ?  IE: Have you run regression tests and if
> so for which target(s).  With a change like this, with possible global
> repercussions, it is important to let us know that you did test it.  (I
> ran regressions tests locally, and I know that the patch is OK, but I
> just wanted to make the point).


That's fine.  What's a good way to report the set of tests I've run
against?  I am currently using this Makefile for testing:

which runs against 245 targets I've found from various sources.  I
expect there's probably some duplication in there, one day I'll try to
reduce the list...

Should I include the list of targets with the patch, or just include
a link to the test script?


> > ld/ChangeLog:
> > 
> > 	* testsuite/lib/ld-lib.exp (run_cc_link_tests): Add warning,
> > 	error, warning_output, and error_output actions.  Remove separate
> > 	warnings parameter.
> > 	* testsuite/ld-elf/shared.exp (build_tests): Updated to use
> > 	'warning' action.
> > 	* testsuite/ld-plugin/lto.exp (lto_link_tests): Likewise.
> Approved - please apply.
> Cheers
>   Nick

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