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[0/4] Nios II opcodes/assembler/disassembler update

Altera has been developing a revised version of the Nios II ISA which will include all of new instructions, new instruction formats, and re-encoding of existing instructions. This will be treated as a variant of the Nios II architecture although code won't be link-compatible with the existing ISA.

This set of patches lays the groundwork for adding support for new nios2 ISA variants in binutils and gdb by adopting more uniform conventions for manipulating instruction words, removing hard-wired instruction encodings and implicit assumptions about instruction formats, and refactoring code to improve abstraction and reduce problems with combinatorial explosion. There's no new architecture support here yet, just a lot of code refactoring and interface changes. We'd like to contribute this part now because (a) it is generally an improvement to the existing code and (b) minimizing divergence between our development branch and the FSF repository is a good thing too.

There are four parts to this patch series, but they'll all need to be committed together. I can self-approve parts 1-3 and Yao (GDB port maintainer) has agreed that part 4 qualifies as obvious. I'll check these in tomorrow, probably.

1: new opcodes macros and data structure changes.
2: disassembler changes
3: assembler rewrite
4: minimal GDB update to use new interfaces


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