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Reduce Filling Size in RAM


When i look to my map after the link i see that there is 600o used
just for filing in RAM which is a lot on my 8ko available.

Just for example :
                0x00000000200022f0        0x6
 *fill*         0x00000000200022f6        0x2
                0x00000000200022f8       0x10
                0x0000000020002308        0x4
                0x0000000020002308                _last_step
                0x000000002000230c        0x4
                0x000000002000230c                _interrupts_queue
 .bss.m_wpp     0x0000000020002310      0x130
 .bss.pos       0x0000000020002440        0x4
                0x0000000020002440                pos
                0x0000000020002444       0x50
 .bss.evt       0x0000000020002494      0x118
                0x0000000020002494                evt
                0x00000000200025ac        0x1
*fill*         0x00000000200025ad        0x3

It's not possible to put the .bss.pm_cpu_instance wich as a size of 1
in the fill of the .bss._adxl_status_s

Thanks for your help :)

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