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Re: [Patch, avr] Relax LDS/STS to IN/OUT if symbol is in I/O address range

2014-10-09 14:34 GMT+04:00 Senthil Kumar Selvaraj
> That worked, and I've sent a patch to the avr-libc mailing list.
> That said, this patch will still help if the address read from/written
> to is not a compile time constant and happens to fall in IO address
> range (extern variables, library code etc..).
> According to the binutils documentation
> (
> the linker even transforms addressing modes. This patch does something
> similar.

1. M68HC1x is not a one of the most popular GCC target. (It's not a
good example to follow)
2. You poin to a place where the linker change one jump instruction to
another. IMHO it's predictable from the linker.
3. Your patch change loading/storing from memory to input/output -
it's not so predictable from the linker.
4. I worry only on compatibility issues.
5. It's not a strong objection.
6. Look at this (already approved) patch:
6. If somebody else will vote for your patch then it will be approved.


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