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Re: [PATCH 6/6] Allow unquoted = as the first character in ld linker script input_list names

> From: Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
> Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 05:17:25 +0200

> Ok for the lot?

I forgot to say that this was tested for native
i686-pc-linux-gnu as well as crosses to arm-linux-gnueabi
and cris-axis-elf both those with and without --with-sysroot
and also crosses to arm-wince-pe arm-epoc-pe rs6000-ibm-aix6
arm-unknown-vxworks arm-unknown-symbianelf native d10v-elf
d30v-elf epiphany-elf frv-elf fr30-elf ip2k-elf iq2000-elf
m32c-elf microblaze-linux mcore-elf mep-elf metag-elf
microblaze-elf mt-elf moxie-elf tilegx-elf tilepro-elf xc16x-elf
xstormy16-elf x86_64-cygwin x86_64-mingw64 m32r-elf m68hc11-elf
sh-symbianelf sh-pe tic4x-coff xgate-elf *and* powerpc-ibm-aix5.

(The new tests pass except for the rs6000-ibm-aix6 and
powerpc-ibm-aix5 which seem to be in a sad state; many of the
new tests fail - but also most old linker tests.  A quick gdb
session indicates problems with the coff back-end; SEGV due to
garbage in h->toc_section or something like that.)

brgds, H-P

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