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Re: Ping: [RFA]: New port: Epiphany

Hi Joern,

- The config.sub sync is missing.

This has to be submitted separately to:

- As I understand it, the Copyright years should reflect all the years in
which the code has been written. As such, I had used the union of the
Copyright years of any files copied from wholesale, and the years in which
the Epiphany code has been written - mostly 2009 and 2011.

According to the maintainers guidelines:

  "Don’t delete old year numbers, though; they are significant
   since they indicate when older versions might theoretically
   go into the public domain, if the movie companies don’t
   continue buying laws to further extend copyright. If you copy
   a file into the package from some other program, keep the
   copyright years that come with the file."

So yes, you are right and I was wrong to remove the earlier years from the copyright notices. (I felt that since the files were not in the FSF's control in those years that the FSF could not claim copyright over them. I see now that I was wrong).

As your first act as Epiphany maintainer, please could you correct this ?

You seem to have used the first gas/doc/as.texinfo and
patch versions, from before Josef S. Myers comment to avoid option
documentation duplication.

Yes, sorry about that.

I have adjusted as.texinfo in a later
version accordingly. I've also moved ARCH_epiphany down in disassemble.c
to put it into the right alphasorted spot. See attached patch below.

Approved - please apply the patch.

Are you willing to act as the maintainer for the Epiphany port of
binutils ?

Yes. I am an employee of Embecosm now, and expect to do more Epiphany work in the future.

Excellent - please could you add an entry to the binutils/MAINTAINERS file. (A patch to do this is pre-approved).

Cheers Nick

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