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Re: Ping: [RFA]: New port: Epiphany

Quoting Nick Clifton <>:

Hi Joern,

This patch hasn't been reviewed for more than a week:

Sorry - I am very behind on my patch reviews at the moment.

Note that there are still a couple of missing files
(gas/config/tc-epiphany.[ch], gas/doc/c-epiphany.c,
include/elf/epiphany.h, cpu/epiphany.{cpu|opc}), so I have not been
able to build the target for myself and check it.

You should also include an entry in gas/NEWS and ld/NEWS about support
for the new target.

I see some C++ style comments (eg opcode/epiphany-asm.c) which should
be fixed.  Plus the comment formatting really ought to the follow the
GNU Coding Standard.

Why are there unused functions in bfd/elf32-ephipany.c ?  Eg:
epiphany_is_opcode(), symbol_value(), etc.

I would like to say more, but I really need the rest of the sources so
that I can build the target locally first.


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