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Re: a question about binutils snapshot & release versions

On Oct 20, 2011, at 2:59 AM, Kamble, Nitin A wrote:

> Hi binutils developers,
>   I have a question about release version of binutils. I need to choose right version of binutils for the And I am bit confused by versioning scheme out there.
> As per this webpage:, The latest release of GNU binutils is 2.21.
> But I see snapshot images over here up to version 2.22.51.
> So aren't the snapshot images official version of binutils?

No they aren't.  Snapshot are daily created and are just tar balls of the current development tree.

> I was thinking the 2.22.51 should be the latest version, but it is not.

Correct.  The latest release is 2.21.1a, the 2.22 release is still on-going work, and the current development tree (versioned 2.22.51) will eventually create the 2.23 version.

> Can somebody please explain me this versioning scheme, and when to use the latest snapshot and when the latest released version?

You'd better to always use the latest released version unless you need very recently added features or unless you want to beta test.

There are some information about versioning in


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