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document() function: error when using asp generated xml

I'm quite new to xsl but I recently created some pages with succes and i'm
learning new stuff every day. 
There's one thing bothering me though:

I get the following error when I use the document() function to read an asp
script which generates well-formed xml. 

msxml4.dll error '80004005' 

Error while parsing
sp?page=/sanssouci/huisdjs.asp&id=6&itemid=1&query=". No data is available
for the requested resource. 


The asp script generates the xml and outputs it with the XML contenttype. 
I'm using the complete uri locating the script file so the parser won't read
the asp file from disk but from the uri instead (so the scripts gets
executed and returns xml)

I use the following code in my xsl file:

<xsl:variable name="rdata"
akties.asp'" />
<xsl:variable name="rsource"
',$extid,'&amp;query=',$query))" />

The strange thing is, when I view the page on my localhost there are no
errors and the page loads correct.
I tested it locally using the remote copy (with ) and the local copy (with
http://localhost/...) of the generated xml file. if I view the address
contained in the error it shows the xml as it should.

My own guess is there is something wrong with my remote webserver settings,
because if the code works locally it shouldn't be a code problem right? or
am i missing something?

Both servers use the ISS webserver and the MS XML4 parser (msxml4.dll) but
on the remote server the page fails to load. Is it my XSL/XML code? Do I
need to alter a setting on the remote webserver? Can someone help me out
please :)

O yeah, before I forget: with all asp generated XML, when I click on View
source I get an error saying: "The XML source is unavailable for viewing."
Is this normal behaviour for generated xml files?

Grtz, Armand

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