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Re: Read the data only once.

>	In my xsl I have a global varaible which caluculates and holds 
> some data.

A variable cannot calculate data. You probably meant something else.

> I am using that variable from all over the xsl. I am making calls to 
> named templates while creating the variable. Each time I call the 
> varialbe, 

A variable cannot be called -- it is just referenced.

> that named templates are being called to extract the value.

How do you know that? This is the first time somebody mentions that an
XSLT processor will re-evaluate a global xsl:variable every time it's
being referenced. Could some of the XSLT processors developers say if
this is meaningful at all?

> I need a different behaviour here. In my case that variable remains
> constant through out the xsl. So I want to calculate the variable 
> only once. Is there a easy way to implement this.

In case the xsl:variable is really declared globally (it is a child of
the xsl:stylesheet element), then there's no reason why it should be
continuously re-evaluated.

If what you describe is true, it sounds extremely strange. Probably you
didn't describe the problem precisely enough? Which XSLT processor are
you using?

Dimitre Novatchev.

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