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Invitation for public teleconference with SystemTap developers

As an experiment, we're inviting SystemTap users and interested others
to an informal teleconference with the developers.  We'd like to take
this opportunity to outline recent and planned work on SystemTap, and
solicit your feedback.

Some specific items we plan to discuss:

- feature/release plans for 1.4
- current larger projects underway ("cloud")
- offering scripting/installation help, bring your questions

If you have additional topics that you would like to see included on
this call, please reply to this email to have the topic added.

This first public teleconference will be on September 30 at 15:30 GMT,
and will last about an hour.  Concurrent conversation may occur on on #systemtap.  The North American telephone numbers
are below.  Overseas callers may contact for other
country specific phone numbers.

Phone Numbers:
USA/International Dial-In Number: +1 (212) 729-5016
USA tollfree Dial-In #: 1-800-451-8679

Conference code: 9197544390

Depending on interest and effectiveness, we hope to do this again


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