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Re: do_mmap fails to work on RHEL5.1GA

Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
baiwd <> writes:

When I test with the newest stp on RHEL5.1GA, I found that probe for
do_mmap in memory.stp cannot work correctly. [...]

This means that systemtap got addresses it thought plausible, but the
kernel refused to actually insert a probe there. I wonder if this is
the latent systemtap bug awakened by elfutils 0.131.

This would be a good candidate for the recently added optional/sufficient flag:

probe vm.mmap = kernel.function("do_mmap")!,
kernel.function("do_mmap2") { ... }
Thank you for your directions. From the following reports, I think the problem is not in
tapset. You are right. The kernel seems to refuse to insert a probe there.

Pass 1: parsed user script and 38 library script(s) in 306usr/4sys/312real ms.
probe do_brk@mm/mmap.c:1961 kernel section=.text pc=0xa00000010012c760
probe do_mmap@include/linux/mm.h:1001 kernel section=.text pc=0xa0000001001afaa0probe do_mmap@include/linux/mm.h:1001 kernel section=.text pc=0xa0000001001cddc0probe do_mmap@include/linux/mm.h:1001 kernel section=.text pc=0xa0000001001cde90probe do_mmap@include/linux/mm.h:1001 kernel section=.text pc=0xa0000001001ce211probe do_mmap@include/linux/mm.h:1001 kernel section=.text pc=0xa0000001001d0940probe do_mmap@include/linux/mm.h:1001 kernel section=.text pc=0xa00000010022bb40Probe point kernel.function("do_mmap")! sufficient, skipped kernel.function("do_mmap_pgoff")! kernel.function("do_mmap2")probe do_munmap@mm/mmap.c:1874 kernel section=.text pc=0xa00000010012b340
probe __oom_kill_task@mm/oom_kill.c:265 kernel section=.text pc=0xa000000100104c40probe __handle_mm_fault@mm/memory.c:2574 kernel section=.text pc=0xa000000100123000probe do_wp_page@mm/memory.c:1622 kernel section=.text pc=0xa00000010011e720
probe __handle_mm_fault@mm/memory.c:2574 kernel section=.text pc=0xa000000100123000Pass 2: analyzed script: 12 probe(s), 0 function(s), 0 embed(s), 0 global(s) in 988usr/102sys/1099real ms.
Pass 3: using cached /root/.systemtap/cache/e2/stap_e21b079aada2c0de4695a0eb4bfdf705_2188.cPass 4: using cached /root/.systemtap/cache/e2/stap_e21b079aada2c0de4695a0eb4bfdf705_2188.koPass 5: starting run.
Running /usr/bin/staprun -v -d 8500 /tmp/stapQZYd3a/stap_e21b079aada2c0de4695a0eb4bfdf705_2188.koERROR: probe kernel.function("do_mmap@include/linux/mm.h:1001") registration error (rc -22)stapio:cleanup_and_exit:216 CLEANUP AND EXIT closed=1
stapio:cleanup_and_exit:229 closing control channel
Pass 5: run completed in 27usr/78sys/128real ms.
Running rm -rf /tmp/stapQZYd3a

Best Regards Bai Weidong

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