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[Bug tapsets/5434] New: Error processing (missing) nfsservctl syscall

When running the following sample command shown in systemtap's web site:

# stap -vv -c df -e 'probe syscall.* { if (target()==pid()) log(name." ".argstr) }'

I get to the following error:

probe sys_vmsplice@fs/splice.c:1475 kernel pc=0xc0000000000ddb74
probe sys_wait4@kernel/exit.c:1732 kernel pc=0xc0000000000514b0
probe sys_waitid@kernel/exit.c:1698 kernel pc=0xc0000000000514f0
probe sys_write@fs/read_write.c:376 kernel pc=0xc0000000000b5990
probe sys_writev@fs/read_write.c:686 kernel pc=0xc0000000000b53f8
probe compat_sys_writev@fs/compat.c:1165 kernel pc=0xc0000000000f14e0
semantic error: unable to find local 'arg' near pc 0xc0000000000efb84
(alternatives: cmd notused notused2): identifier '$arg' at
Pass 2: analyzed script: 339 probe(s), 1007 function(s), 14 embed(s), 1
global(s) in 67440usr/680sys/70669real ms.
Pass 2: analysis failed.  Try again with more '-v' (verbose) options.

This is on a PlayStation 3 running Fedora 8, systemtap's sources from the git
repository (as of yesterday) and this kernel:

Linux 2.6.24-rc3 #2 SMP Fri Nov 30 09:51:06 CET 2007 ppc64
ppc64 ppc64 GNU/Linux

It was built by me and it does NOT have CONFIG_NFSD set in it.  If I set this
option in the kernel's configuration, the above command works correctly.

           Summary: Error processing (missing) nfsservctl syscall
           Product: systemtap
           Version: unspecified
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: tapsets
        AssignedTo: systemtap at sources dot redhat dot com
        ReportedBy: jmmv at NetBSD dot org

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