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[Bug translator/5423] stap segfaults when running specific script

------- Additional Comments From anderson dot lizardo at gmail dot com  2007-11-28 02:19 -------
Forgot to attach the gdb backtrace:

#0  require<expression*> (v=0xbfd61978, dst=0xbfd619b0, src=0x61767465) at
#1  0x0806cf68 in deep_copy_visitor::deep_copy (s=0x61767465) at staptree.cxx:2389
#2  0x08075c32 in derived_probe (this=0x85827c0, p=0x8119c18, l=0x8119b90) at
#3  0x080d18fd in be_builder::build (this=0x8535860, base=0x8119c18,
location=0x8119b90, parameters=@0xbfd61b80, finished_results=@0xbfd61fdc) at
#4  0x08076612 in match_node::find_and_build (this=0x8535888, s=@0xbfd62114,
p=0x8119c18, loc=0x8119b90, pos=1, results=@0xbfd61fdc) at elaborate.cxx:343
#5  0x08076663 in match_node::find_and_build (this=0x8117168, s=@0xbfd62114,
p=0x8119c18, loc=0x8119b90, pos=0, results=@0xbfd61fdc) at elaborate.cxx:402
#6  0x0807a6f8 in derive_probes (s=@0xbfd62114, p=0x8119c18, dps=@0xbfd61fdc,
optional=<value optimized out>) at elaborate.cxx:593
#7  0x0807af6b in semantic_pass_symbols (s=@0xbfd62114) at elaborate.cxx:1000
#8  0x0807efd4 in semantic_pass (s=@0xbfd62114) at elaborate.cxx:1041
#9  0x08051a9e in main (argc=4, argv=0xbfd629d4) at main.cxx:690


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