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[Bug uprobes/5163] tweak uprobes.ko build process

------- Additional Comments From jkenisto at us dot ibm dot com  2007-11-28 00:31 -------
Further thoughts:

a) How about moving the uprobes source from
$(DESTDIR)/$(pkgdatadir)/runtime/uprobes to $(DESTDIR)/var/systemtap/uprobes? 
That would insure that the uprobes home lives in a writable filesystem, so
uprobes.ko can be built there.  I guess the preferred way to refer to
$(DESTDIR)/var/systemtap in is as

b) I think it's correct that only root can build the version of uprobes.ko that
staprun insmods.  We don't want non-root users -- even users in  group stapdev
-- to mess with the uprobes source.  This also gets around some rather messy
problems that can arise if root builds uprobes.ko and then a non-root member of
stapdev tries to build it.

c) staprun will modprobe or insmod uprobes.ko, if necessary, for anybody who
invokes staprun with -u and specifies a permitted stap-generated module.  I
think this is OK.


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