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Re: [to-be-posted-soon] Multiple handlers per marker

Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
* Mathieu Desnoyers ( wrote:
* Mathieu Desnoyers ( wrote:
* Mike Mason ( wrote:
Hi Mathieu,

Are you aware of any working being done to allow multiple handlers to be attached to a marker? Something like what kprobes allows. I've started to look into this and don't want to duplicate efforts.

Nope, but I know we will have to address this.

Something along the lines of walking an RCU list of function pointers,
calling them.

The only downside I see is that we will have to pass a va_list * instead
of real va args. The could make the marker site a little bit bigger and
will change the probe callback arguments.

What do you think about these ideas ?

If we can find a way to make the common case (only one probe connected)
_ultra_ fast, and yet architecture independent, that would be awesome. A
simple call is kind of hard to beat though.. So we may have to think
about a design with :

- One call at the marker site
- if 1 probe is installed :
  - If the format string is empty, connect a probe without va args.
  - If the format string is not empty, connect a "stage 1" probe that takes
    the va args, starts/ends the va_list and calls _one_ function (let's
    call it "stage 2" probe), that takes va_list as parameter.
- if more than 1 probe is installed :
  - The stage 1 probe creates the va_list and passes it to each function
    connected, iterated with an RCU list.

What do you think ?


I'm working on an implementation.

It's ready for testing. Please grab patch name :


This patch alone doesn't apply cleanly at all on 2.6.24-rc1-git14. Are there other patches in this series I should apply first?


It still need to go through and some polishing, but it seems to work fine for me with multiple probes (the sample marker, sample probe and multiple instances of my lttng probes can connect/disconnect without problem).

Currently, the "connect/disconnect" and "arm/disarm" operations are
separate. However, they could be merged. Any comment/preference on this?
Being separate, a probe provider can wait until the very last moment
before it activates its markers, with a minimalistic impact on the
system, but it is not such a strong argument.


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