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Results of systemtap-20071027 snapshot on x86_64

It looks like pr5230 cause a number of the tests to fail. This should
is fixed in the current CVS.

rhel4 x86_64
Date: 200710291549
User: wcohen
Kernel: Linux 2.6.24-rc1 #1 SMP Mon Oct 29 10:17:48 EDT 2007 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Testsuite summary of failed tests
FAIL: buildok/ioblock_test.stp		(pr5231)
FAIL: buildok/nfs-all-probes.stp	(pr5150)
FAIL: buildok/rpc-all-probes.stp	(pr5151)
FAIL: buildok/signal-all-probes.stp	(pr5151)
FAIL: buildok/syscall.stp		(pr5230) fixed in cvs
FAIL: proc_snoop.stp
FAIL: sys.stp				(pr5230) fixed in cvs
FAIL: 64-bit access
FAIL: 64-bit acct
FAIL: 64-bit alarm
FAIL: 64-bit chmod
FAIL: 64-bit clock
FAIL: 64-bit dir
FAIL: 64-bit forkwait
FAIL: 64-bit futimes
FAIL: 64-bit itimer
FAIL: 64-bit link
FAIL: 64-bit mmap
FAIL: 64-bit mount
FAIL: 64-bit net1
FAIL: 64-bit openclose
FAIL: 64-bit poll
FAIL: 64-bit readwrite
FAIL: 64-bit rt_signal
FAIL: 64-bit select
FAIL: 64-bit sendfile
FAIL: 64-bit signal
FAIL: 64-bit stat
FAIL: 64-bit statfs
FAIL: 64-bit swap
FAIL: 64-bit sync
FAIL: 64-bit timer
FAIL: 64-bit trunc
FAIL: 64-bit uid
FAIL: 64-bit umask
FAIL: 64-bit unlink
FAIL: 32-bit access
FAIL: 32-bit acct
FAIL: 32-bit alarm
FAIL: 32-bit chmod
FAIL: 32-bit clock
FAIL: 32-bit dir
FAIL: 32-bit forkwait
FAIL: 32-bit futimes
FAIL: 32-bit itimer
FAIL: 32-bit link
FAIL: 32-bit mmap
FAIL: 32-bit mount
FAIL: 32-bit net1
FAIL: 32-bit openclose
FAIL: 32-bit poll
FAIL: 32-bit readwrite
FAIL: 32-bit rt_signal
FAIL: 32-bit select
FAIL: 32-bit sendfile
FAIL: 32-bit signal
FAIL: 32-bit stat
FAIL: 32-bit statfs
FAIL: 32-bit swap
FAIL: 32-bit sync
FAIL: 32-bit timer
FAIL: 32-bit trunc
FAIL: 32-bit uid
FAIL: 32-bit umask
FAIL: 32-bit unlink
		=== systemtap Summary ===

# of expected passes		425
# of unexpected failures	65
# of expected failures		152
# of unknown successes		1
# of known failures		5
# of untested testcases		26
# of unsupported tests		3
runtest completed at Mon Oct 29 13:08:46 2007

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