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Results of systemtap-20071027 snapshot on ppc64

Attaching results of systemtap-20071027 snapshot on ppc64(After applying the patch attached in bug#5230). New bugs found this week are bug#5230,bug#5231.
Date: 200710290833
User: root
Kernel: Linux 2.6.24-rc1 #1 SMP Mon Oct 29 10:39:57 IST 2007 ppc64 ppc64 ppc64 GNU/Linux

Testsuite summary of failed tests
FAIL: backtrace of yyy_func3 (1) (PR 4794)
FAIL: print_stack of yyy_func3 (1) (PR 4794) FAIL: backtrace of yyy_func4.return (1) (PR 4794)
FAIL: print_stack of yyy_func4.return (1) (PR 4794)
FAIL: buildok/ioblock_test.stp (PR 5231) FAIL: buildok/nfs-all-probes.stp (PR 5151) FAIL: buildok/rpc-all-probes.stp (PR 5151)
FAIL: buildok/signal-all-probes.stp (PR 5151)
FAIL: proc_snoop.stp (PR 5151)
FAIL: systemtap.stress/current.stp startup (eof) (PR 4721)
FAIL: 64-bit readwrite (PR 4472) FAIL: 64-bit signal (PR 4472) FAIL: 32-bit readwrite (PR 4472)
FAIL: 32-bit rt_signal (PR 4472) FAIL: 32-bit signal (PR 4472)

=== systemtap Summary ===

# of expected passes            474
# of unexpected failures        15
# of expected failures          152
# of unknown successes          2
# of known failures             4
# of untested testcases         26
# of unsupported tests          2

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