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[Bug runtime/3858] option to share trace buffers between probe modules

------- Additional Comments From mhiramat at redhat dot com  2007-10-24 22:04 -------
Created an attachment (id=2058)
 --> (
Sharing a buffer amoung several scripts (take4)

I updated my patch.

- I reduced the number of exported symbols. Now only stp_print_flush is
exported from host script.
- This patch disables irqs only for a short period of time for writing data
into relayfs buffer safely. So, now each guest owns its print buffer(Stp_pbuf).

- This patch also decreases the size of relay buffer of guest scripts to 128KB,
because the guest scripts use relay buffer only for urgent messages.

Other functions and usage are same as the previous patch. So you can test it by
the previous testcase.


           What    |Removed                     |Added
Attachment #2050 is|0                           |1
           obsolete|                            |

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