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[Bug runtime/3858] option to share trace buffers between probe modules

------- Additional Comments From mhiramat at redhat dot com  2007-10-17 21:45 -------
Created an attachment (id=2050)
 --> (
Sharing a buffer amoung several scripts

I updated my patch and wrote a testcase for this feature.

This patch add '-DRELAY_HOST' and '-DRELAY_GUEST' options to systemtap.
With this patch, you can share relay channels among several scripts
and additionally you can specify a name to the channels. Thus, you can
run several host scripts concurrently.

For example:
To run a host scripts which provides interfaces of relay channel:
 stap host1.stp -DRELAY_HOST=chan1
 stap host2.stp -DRELAY_HOST=chan2

To add guest scripts to both channels:
 stap guestA.stp -DRELAY_HOST=chan1
 stap guestB.stp -DRELAY_HOST=chan2

Then, you can see the output of guestA.stp is printed on host1.stp's console,
and the output of guestB.stp is printed on host2.stp's console.

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