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[Bug tapsets/5153] sa_restorer field is not available on ia64

------- Additional Comments From wcohen at redhat dot com  2007-10-09 17:28 -------
The function _struct_sigaction_u:string(uaddr:long) in aux_syscalls.stp accesses
the field act.sa_restorer. This field is not available in the ia64 struct sigaction:

struct sigaction {
        __sighandler_t sa_handler;
        unsigned long sa_flags;
        sigset_t sa_mask;               /* mask last for extensibility */

This causes buildok/aux_syscalls-embedded.stp, buijldok/syscall.stp, sys.stp,
and the systemtap.syscall tests to fail.

The change in syscall2.stp 2007-10-05 seem to be what triggered this failure.

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|sa_restorer field not       |sa_restorer field is not
                   |available on ia64           |available on ia64

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