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Re: Status of kernel marker support

Vara Prasad wrote:

I am forwarding this to Mathieu just in case he is not following the SystemTap mailing list. Please include him in future markers discussion.

Mathieu, as you can see we are adding the support for markers in the SystemTap and also trying to add markers patches to the kernel.

I meant we are trying to exploit markers infrastructure patch and add markers in the kernel.

Are we using the latest version of the markers patch or do you have more updated versions?
If we find bugs while using markers can we open them in the SystemTap bugzilla?

Vara Prasad

Mike Mason wrote:

David Smith wrote:

Mike Mason wrote:

What's the status of kernel marker support in SystemTap? Should kernel.mark("<name>") work with Mathieu's latest patches? Just curious because I tried and I'm seeing "no match for probe point" errors for markers I added to the kernel.


As the ChangeLog says, I updated the markers support on 9/25/2007 to work with Mathieu's 9/18/2007 markers patch.

Sorry, I missed the ChangeLog entries.

So, are you using a version of systemtap that has those changes present?

Yes, I'm using the latest cvs code.

Which version of Mathieu's markers patch are you using?

I'm using the latest marker patches posted on 9/28.


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