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[Bug translator/4301] mark_derived_probe::join_group incomplete

------- Additional Comments From mkg at vt dot edu  2007-03-30 19:27 -------
Subject: Re:  mark_derived_probe::join_group incomplete

Thanks for responding so quickly Frank.

fche at redhat dot com( 18:02:01 +0000:
> If that plan does not suit you, there are a couple of options.  You could go
> back to an older version of systemtap that still has the older marker code
> enabled - sometime late 2006.  Or you could try applying kprobes-based
> probes in your script.  Or, you could motivate us to restore support for the
> old marker code.

How difficult would it be for me to temporarily re-enable it? I have a
deadline that I am up against and need the feature, but do not mind if
the current implementation is not the one that is finally adopted.


Dr. Mark K. Gardner
Network Research Manager
Communications Network Services
Virginia Tech


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