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Re: _stp_pid no longer there?

On 28 Mar 2007 10:20:35 -0400 (Frank Ch. Eigler) wrote:

> SÚbastien DuguÚ <> writes:
> > I just discovered that the _stp_pid module parameter has just
> > vanished from runtime/transport/transport.c.
> Yes, it seems to have gone away with the recent rewrite of the area.
> This might have been because
> > What is supposed to replace it or how one is supposed to retreive
> > staprun's pid from within a script as it is used by tapsets?
> Using variables defined by runtime C code directly is not appropriate.
> Such code is considered to be a private interface between the
> translator, the provided tapsets, and the runtime, and thus may change
> frequently.

  I do not use this variable directly, it's simply that some of the tapsets
use it, namely tapset/context.stp, tapset/LKET/utils.stp and

> However, I agree that it is sometimes desirable to filter out events
> caused caused by staprun's activities, so a properly documented and
> tapset-exported version of that pid number should come back.

  Yep. I tripped it just running the testsuite.



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