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[Bug translator/4186] Cross compiling for sub architectures (e.g. i586 target i686 host) fails

------- Additional Comments From wcohen at redhat dot com  2007-03-20 16:56 -------
Yes, I agree entirely. The translate.diff is not a fix for the problem, as
mentioned in the previous comment incorrect code for the target kernel could be

There are two levels of cross compiling:

1) generating for a subarchecture, e.g. i586 target i686 host
2) cross compiling, e.g. arm target with i686 host

The first is a bit simpler as it uses the host compiler with options to select
the appropriate subarchitecture. The cross compile is more complicated but would
be of interest to developers working on embedded Linux systems, e.g. Nokia N800.

Looking through the spec file for the kernel there is some code in BuildKernel()
that adjusts the build based on the target.


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