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[Bug translator/4186] Cross compiling for sub architectures (e.g. i586 target i686 host) fails

------- Additional Comments From fche at redhat dot com  2007-03-15 18:44 -------
Disabling *that* architecture check is not a plausible fix to this problem.

The translator in general does not know how to invoke cross-compilers (or
the equivalent: force subarchitecture-specific CFLAGS).  The module that
managed to be run with this patch might work because of coincidence.  One
has to examine the compiler command line to see how it was really built.

We lack a command line option to set the session.architecture value, like
we already set session.release from -r.  I suggest "-a ARCH", or perhaps
as a suffix to the -r argument.

In any case, that's just a first step.  The hard part is interfacing properly
with a kernel-devel & kernel-debuginfo tree for an arbitrary architecture,
and invoking all the cross-compilers (or just non-native options) as needed.


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