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NFS probes with redhat 4 update 3/4

HI There,
If I want to track which clients are making NFS requests to my
server, which probes can I use for tracking the client IP addresses?

It looks there is no nfs related functions in kernel as following:
[root@perf8 nfs]#  stap -p2 -e 'probe kernel.function("*") {}' | sort | uniq
| grep -i nfs


When I track the module of nfs, I run into the "No DWARF info" problem:
[root@  nfs]# lsmod | grep -i nfs
nfsd                  277217  107 
exportfs                7745  1 nfsd
nfs                   243825  1 
lockd                  77809  3 nfsd,nfs
nfs_acl                 5185  2 nfsd,nfs
sunrpc                174905  19 nfsd,ibrix,nfs,lockd,nfs_acl

[root@ nfs]# stap -p2 -e 'probe module("nfs").function("*") {}' | sort |
semantic error: cannot find module nfs debuginfo: No DWARF information found
semantic error: no match for probe point
         while: resolving probe point module("nfs").function("*")
Pass 2: analysis failed.  Try again with '-v' (verbose) option.

Any comments?

John Liang

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